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Roof Replacement

Trust Shadowfax Roofing & Solar for expert roof replacement. Our turn-key operations, backed by over 20 years of experience, ensure a seamless process from permits to final inspection. Elevate your home's protection and aesthetic with our top-tier roofing solutions.

Roof Repair

When your roof needs attention, count on Shadowfax Roofing & Solar for roof repair excellence. Our experienced team ensures your home remains secure and leak-free. Don't compromise on safety; choose our reliable solutions.

Gutter Replacement

Enhance your home's drainage system with gutter replacement services from Shadowfax Roofing & Solar. Protect your property from water damage and maintain its structural integrity.

Screens for Gutters

Our screens for gutters provide an effective solution to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters. Maintain smooth water flow and prevent clogs with our high-quality screens.

Skylight Replacement

Upgrade your home with skylight replacement services from Shadowfax Roofing & Solar. Bring natural light into your space while ensuring energy efficiency and weather resistance.

Solar and Electrical System Evaluations

Harness the power of the sun with our solar and electrical system evaluations. Our expert analysis helps you understand energy consumption and offsets, making your home more efficient.

Solar Install for Residential Usage

Reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills with our solar installation services. Trust our certified team to install residential solar systems that meet your needs.

Battery Systems for Business or Residential

Enhance your energy independence with battery systems for both business and residential use. Store excess energy and ensure a consistent power supply even during outages.

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When your roof needs attention, Shadowfax Roofing & Solar is here to help

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